What’s new: The engine’s now more powerful. Because it’s not a VXR it isn’t fitted with the most powerful version of the 2.8T engine as seen in the Vectra, but it does get the previous VXR unit at 250PS.

Excellent: Understated pace. This is the kind of car the police should be using as unmarked patrol cars. You wouldn’t give it a second glance, yet it has exec-beating pace and comforts.

Good: Rarity value. You’re unlikely to see or notice another one. Vauxhall will only sell this Signum in small numbers.

Average: The Signum feels smaller than we remember. In fact, more than one person mistook it for an Astra.

Poor: Depreciation of more than £16,000 isn’t pretty on a £23k car. And it’s VED band G for emissions so expect £400 a year tax from 2008.

Verdict: It’s what we’d pick in a solus Vauxhall fleet deal (until the VXR8 arrives).