What’s new: Vauxhall’s flagship Vectra VXR has been given a significant power boost. The 2.8-litre V6 now has an extra 30PS to take it to 280.

Excellent: It’s difficult to argue with the power per pound ration. At £25,267, the fully-loaded VXR estate is £1000 less than a BMW 320i Touring M Sport or the same price as a Mercedes C200 Classic SE Estate.

Good: It looks great, with the exaggerated bodykit, big wheels and enlarged exhaust just about staying on the right side of the taste barrier. The power is also impressive, although it’s more grand tourer fodder than a bigger hot hatch.

Average: A slightly tricky throttle response makes quick and smooth driving a difficult combination, especially in town.

Poor: There’s a constant threat of wheelspin in the wet as the car battles the massive power. And just under 50 pence per mile is a lot to pay for a Vectra, even one with 280PS.

Verdict: Huge cost per mile is offputting, as is sub-300 miles per tank, but it’s still tempting.