The VW Up can now be had with a five-speed auto gearbox costing £595 more than the manual and with 2.7mpg better fuel efficiency. And as much as it may make sense for the firm to offer its city car as an auto – especially for the retail market – the reality is that it doesn’t suit the car.

It’s an automated manual transmission, which is lighter, cheaper and cleaner than a conventional auto, but is more susceptible to jerky changes, so you’re better off shifting manually by nudging the gearstick back and forth and lifting the throttle during every shift. There may not be a clutch pedal, but you might as well be driving a manual if you want the car to change gear smoothly.

In every other sense, the Up is still excellent – the packaging is superb and there’s a unbelievable amount of space inside given its proportions. It’s also good to drive, affordable and economical, but unless you must have an auto, the manual makes a world more sense with its smoother drive.

Verdict: Still a great city car but the auto gearbox just doesn’t suit it

Score: 8/10