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Our Fleet: Ford S-max - 2nd Report Update

Date: 19 March 2007

Oh dear - a strange knocking sound has started to afflict our long-termer, writes Tristan Young in this fourth update

21 MARCH 2007
Mileage 7496
Forecast CPM 32.0p
Actual CPM 36.7p
A steering clonk appeared two weeks ago. Highbury Ford couldn’t find the problem at first, but then we know they only drove 2.4 miles thanks to Quartix’s tracking system.
7 MARCH 2007
Mileage 6932
Forecast CPM 32.0p
Actual CPM 36.7p
We've been secretly tracking our Ford S-max with the help of telematics firm Quartix, which will surprise those in the office that didn't know we were watching their every move…
21 FEBRUARY 2007
Mileage 6781
Forecast CPM 32.0p
Actual CPM 36.7p
The S-max was perfect for a four adult, one baby and associated gubbins ski trip which, combined with another ski jaunt, sees our two-month old car already hit almost 7000 miles.

Mileage 4702
Forecast CPM 32.0p
Actual CPM 36.7p
Our production editor took the S-max to Cheshire at Christmas. It proved perfect for his family and came back fully laden thanks to one Granny overindulging her grand-daughter.

Initial Report

Given our long-term Ford S-max is white it seemed only appropriate that one of its first tasks was to act as a van.

Firstly, a trip to the local wood yard to pick up some 8ft-long stakes, which went into the car (diagonally) without needing to fold the front passenger seat down. After a comedy moment where the cashier asked how we liked our steaks [sic] (answer: rare), we paid and left.

Ford S-Max LTT next report

On the way back from the wood yard we stopped off to buy some plants at the local garden centre, although the word 'plant' could easily be replaced by the word 'tree'. The plants and 6ft-ft tall beech tree went in no-bother.

As if that wasn't enough the car doubled as a taxi for a hen night trip to Bournemouth from London. The S-max easily and comfortably carried four party-goers (we have yet to test all seven seats) plus driver on the 140-mile round trip. What's more, it's returning almost 40mpg.