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Our Fleet: Mazda MX-5 - 2nd Report Update

Date: 30 May 2007

[1] A rather excellent, but pricey, Bose stereo

We've found that the sound of music plays a big part in the Mazda MX-5 experience...

30 MAY 2007
Mileage 3214
Forecast CPM 32.2p
Actual CPM 39.3p
Our long-term MX-5 is equipped with an excellent Bose hi-fidelity system, a £555 option, that has a deep, rich sound and helps drown out the motorway drone.

Main Report

Motoring's becoming expensive and I predict a revolution. But this is not France, so we'll have no burning stockades or marching in the streets please.

What I'm talking about is a philosophical shift in the way we employ the horseless carriage for business.


Damned as both scapegoat and cash cow by successive governments the humble four-wheeler faces the prospect of being made redundant by companies due to cost.

But fear not, the future will bring plenty of benefits. What about the end of the depressing downsizing culture for a start as cars switch from being a necessity to luxury? There will be no place for bland repmobiles as everyone decides they might as well get busy having fun in cars like the Mazda MX-5. With that sentiment, we thought, why wait?

We're already smitten. First there's an interior [1] that fits like a glove, and a slick, quick gearchange [2] that's a joy. Then there's a safe, secure, foldable hardtop that vanishes in 12 seconds and balanced handling that begs for country roads. Finally, there are costs that promise to come close to a boring saloon.

So far we're running it in and haven't even had the chance to leave London [3], but we don't care. Even in the city slog the entertaining little Mazda can't help but ease away a busy day of BusinessCar deadlines.

We've gone for the 160PS 2.0-litre top-of-the-range Sport in a strange shade of purple [4] that Mazda predicts will cost only 32.0p a mile on a combined run and squeezes almost 35 miles out of a gallon. But we'll see how will it fare in the real world.