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Our Fleet Test Drive: Ford S-max - 3rd Report Update

Date: 25 June 2007   |   Author: Tristan Young

Shirley Bassey, The Killers, Amy Winehouse, Iggy and the Stooges, Arctic Monkeys and our S-max...

25 JUNE 2007
Mileage 11,112
Forecast CPM 32.3p
Actual CPM 36.8p
The S-max is just back from Glastonbury (along with half the office) having taken four people plus all their baggage and tents. We’ll let you know how it handled the load, mud and music.

12 JUNE 2007
Mileage 10,965
Forecast CPM 32.3p
Actual CPM 36.8p
Our S-max is coming up for its first service. We’re trying a local dealer’s online booking system. So far no response, but then they’ve only had 48 hours...
15 MAY 2007
Mileage 8011
Forecast CPM 31.2p
Actual CPM 36.8p
It worked for our previous Mazda 5 and it works for our S-max. Two warring kids are separated easily by folding the middle seat down and packing a large case between.
30 APRIL 2007
Mileage 7612
Forecast CPM 31.2p
Actual CPM 36.8p
The clonk from the steering has been fixed after Highbury Ford called technical support HQ. Re-greasing a joint in the steering column has worked a treat.

Main Report

February might seem a long time ago now, but it saw our long-term test Ford S-max make not one but two skiing journeys to the French Alps almost back-to-back.

As we were doing two trips, Ford kindly provided a set of winter tyres and a roof-box, which were fitted in next to no time and made the travelling much easier. [1]

Ford S-Max_LTT07.gif

While the S-max's boot is massive, the roof-box proved essential for storing light but bulky items such as a high-chair and kiddie carrier, which the Young family took on the first trip along with a baby and four adults. The S-max carried all with ease.

The additional height meant we went with the vans on the speedy Eurotunnel crossing [2], but made surprisingly little difference to the car's susceptibility to the side winds encountered while crossing France, the S-max remaining stable all the way.

However, the winter tyres, designed to help grip on snow and slush, did add to the level of road noise. But we drowned that out by turning up the volume of the S-max's upgraded stereo that has an MP3 player connection which proved incredibly useful. The essential (for us) DVD satnav also guided us perfectly from just outside London to our tiny ski resort in the alps. [3]

Just two tanks of fuel were required each way, which is a lot less than on the second, event-filled trip taken by deputy editor Paul Barker and his group of friends.

Although the trip to the Alps was simple, a particularly bad fall (or rather jump) on day two by one of his group meant a large part of Paul's week was spent driving the S-max to and from the local hospital to see his damaged mate.

On that trip, although four travelled out in the S-max in comfort, only three came back. The fourth had his own plane to get him back to the UK.