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Our Fleet Test Drive: Hyundai Santa Fe - 2nd Report Update

Date: 30 May 2007   |   Author: Tristan Young

[4] A lack of TA – Traffic Announcement – function on the radio

Two weeks ago we said the Santa Fe was so ordinary nobody hated or loved it - now someone's gone and fallen off the fence

30 MAY 2007
Mileage 4155
Forecast CPM 43.8p
Actual CPM 48.9p
We take back last week’s comment about the Santa Fe’s lukewarm response. A neighbour of our publishing boss has just bought one after being impressed with our long-termer

Main Report

It's certainly a testament to the all-round capability of our long-term Hyundai Santa Fe that no one complains after they've driven it or grumbles that it's their transport for a weekend.

On the same note, the reverse is true. No one comes into the office after a weekend in the Korean 4x4 saying how brilliant it is either.

Hyundai Santa_Fe-LTT 07.gif

It's exactly this lack of response that makes it difficult to write long-term test reports, a problem that's been solved with a few well-aimed threats.

The result of my action is that I've discovered other drivers like the relaxed nature of the car, its motorway cruising ability and the fact the rear seats [1] recline for a snooze during long journey breaks. That's alongside the fact that one of my favourite things is the way the boot shuts [2] first time, every time and with any level of shove.

On the minus side the plasticy steering wheel [3] gets a mention as does the lack of a boot cover. The only other thing I've found to moan about is the lack of a TA - Traffic Announcement - function on the radio [4]. I've been through all the controls and the manual and can't find it. If there are any other owners out there with a solution, let me know. Overall, the negatives make an impressively short list.

I suppose the overall lack of comment is both the Santa Fe's biggest plus and biggest minus. No fuss motoring on one hand versus no emotion motoring on the other. But does that make it a good fleet car?