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Our Fleet Test Drive: Peugeot 207 GT - 3rd Report Update

Date: 15 October 2007

Our car came with cruise control and it's really starting to come into its own...

15 OCTOBER 2007
Mileage 7454
Forecast CPM 28.8p
Actual CPM 34.3p
A recent switch to motorway miles from city driving means we’re glad we ordered cruise control (a £150 option), although the speed limiter part of the same option is less well-used.

1 OCTOBER 2007
Mileage 7454
Forecast CPM 28.8p
Actual CPM 34.3p
Been reading the comments book in our 207 GT. Other drivers like the auto-folding door mirrors not because it lowers damage risk, but as a visual indicator that the car’s locked.

Main Report

Having recently driven our 207 GT's more grown up brother, the faster and more expensive GTI, we're now totally convinced our car is the pick of the range.

Yes, the GTI is quicker, much quicker, but with that increase in outright performance you lose all the day-to-day usability that makes the GT a perfect 'my first user-chooser car'. It's comfortable and travels well over typical British bumpy roads, yet isn't soft, something the rock-hard-riding GTI could learn from.


Our previous main report detailed some poor service from a local Peugeot dealer. Shortly after the report appeared in print, however, we received a letter from the dealer principle apologising for the trouble and confusion. He also offered us a refund and promised better service in future. It was a nice touch, and we wish more businesses operated that way - when there is a problem, resolved it quickly and to everyone's satisfaction.

A good amount of motorway work has seen the car's mileage pass 6000 in just less than five months, which we're pleased with considering the BusinessCar fleet is based in the centre of a city.

Some of those motorway miles have been work-related, but some have been weekend-based. The 207 has been to numerous weddings this summer, normally two-up, but on one occasion it went three-up plus all the equipment needed to DJ at a wedding attended by BusinessCar's production controller.

The car's now back doing the daily London commute and proving its worth every minute.