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Our Fleet Test Drive: Peugeot 207GT - 2nd Report Update

Date: 05 September 2007   |   Author: Tristan Young

207 GT

Is it us or is the 207 getting quicker and more fuel efficient?

Mileage 6563
Forecast CPM 28.7p
Actual CPM 34.9p
With some decent mileage on the clock we’d swear the 207 is getting quicker and also more fuel efficient with the trip computer now regularly reading well above 40mpg.
20 AUGUST 2007
Mileage 4528
Forecast CPM 28.7p
Actual CPM 34.9p
Our 207 GT is proving to be a popular choice for getting to weddings. Last weekend it went to Bristol and next up is Chester. Optioning cruise control (£150) was well worth it.

24 JULY 2007
Mileage 4378
Forecast CPM 28.7p
Actual CPM 34.9p
The boss of Peugeot dealer Robins & Day East London contacted us after our unhappy tyre valve experience – he refunded our overspend and promised better service in future. Superb.
A couple of weeks ago we discovered we had a slow puncture in the front left tyre of our 207 GT - and that kicked off a host of problems that took us far too much time and money to get sorted out.

On discovery of the puncture we re-inflated it and took the car to Kwik-Fit in Dulwich, south London - less than a mile from the car's location at the time.


Kwik-Fit were very helpful. They didn't have an exact match but put the, thankfully full size, spare on the car and a different branded tyre on the spare, and promised to call us when the correct brand was in stock.

Sure enough, less than a week later they called and we went back to have the tyre swapped. It cost £159.50, which is pricey, but job done. Or so we thought.

Thanks to a warning on the dash every time we drove the car we quickly realised the car wasn't registering the tyre pressure sensor. A few years ago we had a similar problem on a 407 long-term test car, so from experience we knew the car's computer needed to be reset, even though the sensors should be self-setting.

Kwik-Fit don't have the correct software, so we booked the car into Peugeot dealer Robins & Day East London - a hassle but not a big issue.

When we collected the car we were presented with a bill for a little over £177 before VAT. Ouch. Particularly as we thought it would be warranty work. After all, it was last time.

We asked for breakdown of the costs. The dealer then told us there was no sensor on the tyre or wheel so they put a new one in (£50) and that together with resetting the car's computer took 1.5 hours (£127). We tried not to get too angry and double-checked with the dealer that it really took that long. Robins & Day insisted it did.

So we went back to Kwik-Fit. It seems they'd ditched the sensor (in the tyre's valve) when they'd replaced the rubber, while Peugeot doesn't equip its spares with a sensor either. To their credit, Kwik-Fit apologised and offered to refund the total cost of tyre and sent the fitter for extra training. The kind of response you want when something goes wrong. We then called Peugeot HQ who said should the job should only take a dealer an hour.

So, acting as a mystery shopper, we called the dealer to see what they'd quote for an exact same problem. Interestingly, we were told one hour (not the 1.5 we were charged for) by the service receptionist after she'd checked with service manager, and curiously that the sensor would be £70 plus VAT (and not £50).

The good news is that our 207 is back to full strength and returning better and better fuel figures. The little 1.6 turbo is currently regularly doing more than 30mpg to a tank.