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Our Fleet Test Drive: Vauxhall Corsa - 5th Report Update

Date: 01 October 2007   |   Author: John Mahoney

It's coming to the end of it's time with us but the little Corsa's still proving popular

1 OCTOBER 2007
Mileage 6103
Forecast CPM 19.6p
Actual CPM 23.2p
For what’s a basic car, the Corsa has always been in demand. It’s about to go back to its maker but there’s never been a grumble from whoever grabs the keys. A great little car.

Mileage 5981
Forecast CPM 19.6p
Actual CPM 23.2p
Our Corsa is turning into a fleet manager’s dream. Total expenditure so far, other than fuel, has amounted to nowt. It’s durable too – following a quick scrub it could pass for new.

Main Report

Ever fancied a fling? Recently, the unthinkable crossed our minds - we were tempted by another. But why? We and the Corsa were so happy together. Then, one day, the five-door only Skoda Fabia rolled into our lives and we were smitten.

The affair began the very first time we met on a launch, and reached a climax when we were reunited with the model's most impoverished 60PS version a fortnight ago. Despite the limited go on tap we loved its interior, great ride and raspy three-cylinder engine.


For fairness we crunched numbers with the more powerful 70PS Fabia 2 that has a similar spec to the Vauxhall. 'Our' three-door Corsa clawed back lost ground, beating the Czech by 0.3ppm, although the five-door loses by 0.2p. After all the threats to take fleet seriously, it looks as though Skoda's time has come.

If that wasn't bad enough, for philosophical reasons (someone else's) I began doubting the choice of engine for our Corsa.

Churning out 139g/km of CO2 is good in the eyes of most people apart from London Mayor Ken Livingstone. If he gets his emissions-led congestion charging, my car will still be eligible for the daily £8 fee, while its diesel sibling will be exempt, thanks to Vauxhall's recent emission readjustment that pegged back CO2 to just 119g/km.

Even the 75PS CDTi's £1190 premium isn't a barrier, paid for by the savings in fewer than 150 days congestion zone surfing.

With all that doubt I'll have to console myself with the Corsa's better looks, fractionally sharper drive and lack of stinky greasy hands every time I fill up from the black pump.