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Our Fleet Test Drive: Citroen C5 Tourer - 2nd report

Date: 21 November 2008   |   Author: Paul Barker Tom Webster

[3] A proper gouge

One advantage of living with a car day-to-day is that it shows up what unique features are useful and which are just irritating gimmicks.

The C5's fixed-hub steering wheel falls into the latter category, and even those who like it to begin with have realised its inadequacies.

For a start, parking is made harder as it's tricky to work out which way the wheels are pointing. The other bugbear is with the wheel-mounted stereo controls. They can only be used when driving in a dead-straight line, or when you remove your hands from the steering wheel. Okay, so that's only two inadequacies, but they are enough to wind me up regularly.

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