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Our Fleet Test Drive: Citroen C5 Tourer - 3rd report

Date: 03 December 2008   |   Author: Guy Bird

Steering wheel

Who would think a steering wheel hub could cause so much trouble?

Last issue my colleague berated the fixed nature of the one on our Citroen estate long termer.

Being used to ones that move with the wheel - like most of us - its mounted controls felt difficult to reach when the wheel was in mid-turn and also made it harder to ascertain what direction his wheels were facing when parking.

Citroen rushed to the hub's defence saying firstly the fix is for safety: the airbag is more efficient as it always fires from the same position. Secondly, they suggested that searching for Rinse FM while driving through a hairpin might not be the best driving practice (I paraphrase slightly) and thirdly, many makers - including Renault and Ford - have stereo controls mounted to a fixed steering column, in the form of separate indicator-type stalks, but no-one seems to moan about them (it's a valid point, we don't).

I like the airbag answer best as it's a non-subjective good design reason. Change always takes getting some used to and we'll spend the next six months deciding if Citroen's re-invention of the wheel is actually better than we think or just a wheel-y bad idea.

Citroen C5 Tourer - 3rd Report
Our average consumption41.1mpg
Forecast CPM43.9p
Actual CPM42.6p