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Our Fleet Test Drive: Ford Mondeo estate - 5th Report

Date: 16 June 2008   |   Author: Tristan Young

[2] Rubber stopper in the boot-lock mechanism had fallen off

It's been a busy few weeks for our long-term Mondeo.

A month ago we reported our Titanium X estate had a new problem, namely the oil service warning light had come on.

As with a previous issue (a failure to start) we called our local dealer, Evans Halshaw in Bexley [1], but they informed us there would be a two-week wait before they could look at the car.

Ford Mondeo_Page 18.gif

In that time the car developed two further problems: an odd high-pitched squeak on cold starts and a rubber stopper in the boot-lock mechanism that had fallen off [2]. Both were added to the list of things to fix.

Once the fortnight has passed we dropped off the Mondeo for 24 hours so the dealers could see for themselves how the car sounded following a first-thing-in-the-morning start.

On collecting the estate a day later we were informed that the oil service light was a known problem, which was fixed by changing the oil filter and upgrading the car's internal software.

Unfortunately the dealer was unable to replicate the cold-start squeak problem and it's not happened since. We'll keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't return.

As for the boot catch, Evans Halshaw needed to order a part, which we were told would take a few days. Sure enough we got a call a few days later and re-booked the car, this time for a slot only a week ahead.

On this occasion we picked up the Mondeo after half a day, and not only had Evans Halshaw replaced the rubber stopper, they had also replaced the lock housing that was dented [3] when the stopper first broke.

All of this work was carried out under warranty, which is good to see. Only a faster service and a car wash would have led to higher satisfaction.