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Our Fleet Test Drive: Ford S-max - 6th Report Update

Date: 10 January 2008   |   Author: Tristan Young

It seems we aren't the only ones who have experienced problems with Ford's build quality .

10 JANUARY 2008
Mileage 19,901
Forecast CPM 32.2p
Actual CPM 34.2p
Following our previous report of loose trim, it seems from reader feedback that early S-max build quality has been below par, but it’s improving rapidly and cars built now are fine.
After the past month's reality check with the surprise that the warranty on our Ford S-max isn't as inclusive as we'd have hoped and expected, I've been talking to a few friends, colleagues and contacts about the matter.

Seems Ford isn't alone in not covering trim after the first year, and at the risk of opening the floodgates I'd like to hear about your experiences on the matter (good or bad) and how your manufacturer and service centre dealt with the matter. In our case, the dealer (Evans Halshaw) carrying out the work was a shining example of how it should be done. After we'd expressed surprise that items were falling off our car after only 14 months, they did the work for free. But is it always like this?


Now the S-max's back and fixed we're enjoying all the things we always loved about it. It's just completed another run to Northumberland with two adults, one child, two dogs and a cat secured on board, to see some relatives (of the people, not the car. or cat or dogs), and it carried out the job perfectly. I still marvel at the amount of luggage that will fit in the boot. I'd give a size in litres, but oddly there aren't any official figures for 'five-seat mode to the window line', which is surely how it will be used most of the time. However, it's definitely more than the Mondeo estate's 542 litres, which is the car we're going to swap to when the S-max goes back to Ford in the next couple of months.