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Our Fleet Test Drive: Audi TT TDI - 4th Report

Date: 05 March 2009   |   Author:

TT in the snow

In the recent bout of snowy weather, there was no sports car on sale I'd rather have been in than our TT.

Peering out of my flat window on the Monday morning that London ground to a halt, I watched a rear-wheel drive coupe flounder on the hill I live on, followed closely by a Toyota Rav4 that cruised smoothly off up towards the main road. The latter gave me the confidence that it was at least worth a try in our four-wheel drive TT TDI.

Admittedly, if my broadband had been installed I'd have worked from home and not considered a snowy trip in, but as that event was two days away, I thought I'd have a cautious bash.

It turned out that I had nothing to worry about. The TT was as sure-footed as you could possibly wish for, and there was never a hint that it wouldn't cruise up the hill, as long as I stuck to my side of the bargain and kept everything smooth.

I even passed a second rear-wheel drive coupe struggling along the main road while I cruised serenely by.

It's a moot point for 363 days of the year, but when any of the TT's rivals would have been left stranded, I had no qualms about venturing out. Just another reason to love what's a fabulous, frugal, fun and downright gorgeous coupe.