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Our Fleet Test Drive: Citroen C5 Tourer - 6th report

Date: 03 March 2009   |   Author: Guy Bird

Seat adjuster
P11D: £17,720

I'm all for easily adjustable seats but a recent unnerving experience made me realise that making them just a bit trickier could be beneficial.

Case in point: on a family outing the other day, my tall-for-her-age five-year old daughter, firmly secured in a car seat behind me, became curious about a lever to the right side of my seatback. Moments later, one well-placed kick instantly reclined my seat so that instead of looking ahead I found myself staring at the ceiling. Not an ergonomically sound position for driving.

Note for Citroen designers' suggestion box: please make front seat adjustment harder for five-year olds to adjust.