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Our Fleet Test Drive: 2nd Report - Toyota Auris hybrid

Date: 21 September 2010   |   Author: Tony Rock


A big part of the reason for running both the Auris and my previous long-termer, the Honda Insight, is to see how mpg- and eco-friendly they really are.

This has caused me to alter what I would consider my normal driving style in favour of exercising as delicate a right foot as possible at all times. The problem, though, with taking such approach, is that I've found it's easy to get up the noses of other drivers.

For example, in the Auris I'm forever in urban driving situations trying to keep battery power engaged for as long as possible, with the consequence that progress can seem painfully slow for anyone stuck behind.

I'd like to think that I was a courteous road user, so it can be a bit uncomfortable crawling up to the speed limit and looking in the rear-view mirror to see frustration etched in some poor face, especially as there's no way of issuing an explanation for your actions. It feels akin to sticking two fingers up to other drivers.

If anyone can tell me how to be both green and civil to other road users, email at

Toyota Auris hybrid 1.8 T-spirit
Claimed combined
Our average
P11D price£20,645
Model price range£14,455-£26,645
CO2 (tax) 96g/km (10%)
BIK 20/40% per month£34/£69
Why we’re running itHybrid technology comes to
the lower medium Auris.
Does it make sense?
PositiveComfortable interior,
C-charge exemption
NegativeIrritating drivers with
eco-friendly driving