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Our Fleet Test Drive: Toyota Auris hybrid - 7th Report

Date: 22 December 2010   |   Author: Tony Rock

Auris dash

Just like our previous hybrid, the Auris features several dash aids that, while not as spectacular as the Honda Insight, do perform the same function of encouraging efficient driving.

First up is the rev counter, which is split into three sections, with 'CHG' and 'POWER' at either end, and illustrates when you're over-exercising the right foot. The next feature can be found when you scroll through the options using the 'DISP' button on the steering wheel - in the display where the odometer is located, you'll eventually come to a diagram of an engine, battery and wheel, which indicate with arrows how the car is being powered, and whether the battery is being recharged or not. The idea here, obviously, is to try and use as much battery power as possible. There's also an illuminated 'ECO' sign that appears instantly when car is driven economically.

Finally, there is, apparently, a 'good eco drive' message that flashes up at the end of a journey, praising a particularly economic run, which one driver seems adept at making appear, although they haven't yet managed to capture it on camera. By the way, I say 'apparently' because, despite my best efforts, I've yet to see it.

Toyota Auris hybrid 1.8 T-spirit
Claimed combined
Our average
P11D price£20,645
Model price range£14,455-£26,645
CO2 (tax) 96g/km (10%)
BIK 20/40% per month£34/£69
Why we’re running itHybrid technology comes to
the lower medium Auris.
Does it make sense?
PositiveEco driving dash aids
NegativeLack of uphill and
on-motorway power