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Our Fleet Test Drive: Hyundai ix35 - 8th report

Date: 01 July 2011   |   Author: Hugh Hunston

On double yellows

With rugged faux-SUV styling and comparatively high ground clearance, our ix35 looks the part in rural settings, despite its current users not having a clue about hunting, shooting or fishing, apart from owning a pair of black labs.

Switch to an urban street setting and Hyundai's pragmatic approach to in-car security provides a more tranquil time for dogs and

passers-by alike: there is no horn-sounding alarm system, triggered by movement within the locked car, so given reasonable temperatures, brief dashes to and from shops are possible without nerve shredding hooting and barking.

Hyundai ix35 1.7 CRDi 2WD Prem.
Mileage 1902
Claimed combined
Our average
46.4 mpg
Forecast CPM48.3p
Actual CPM 47.2p
NegativeRange anxiety due
to gauge fuel level