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Our Fleet Test Drive: Skoda Superb - 8th Report

Date: 24 August 2011   |   Author: Tristan Young

Superb range

The Skoda Superb Greenline is all about economy. With that in mind I've been putting in a real effort of late to get some good mpg figures.

The best I've seen so far has been 74.7mpg, which is more than 10mpg above the official combined figure. It's impressive, but the funny thing is I know the car's got more to give.

The 74mpg figure was set over a 67.9-mile route, with a fair chunk of that on 50mph average speed-camera monitored motorway, but it was a hot day and I had the aircon running full blast. Turning off the AC's got to be worth another couple of mpg.

By the end of the journey the trip computer gave the range as 905 miles to empty (plus the 67.9 I'd already done). I think that with a little more effort 1000 miles may just be possible on a single tank. Given the car's got a 60-litre tank, that would mean averaging 75.8mpg.

However, the biggest problem with achieving huge distances between fills, is that the fuel light comes on very early. Even after the fuel light had been on for a good 30 minutes of driving, I still only managed to squeeze 51 litres of fuel into the tank. The nine litres that were left could have potentially taken me another 140 miles. Next time I'll go further with the light on.

Skoda Superb Greenline II Eleg.
Mileage7055 miles
Our average consumption61.3mpg
Forecast CPM52.1p
Actual CPM51.2p