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BMW 525d SE: Test Drive Review

Date: 05 July 2012

P11D price: £36,490

Occupying a tempting halfway house between the entry-level 5-series diesel - the 520d - and the powerful 530d is the BMW 525d. Though not quite as clean as the 520d, it runs it close with respectable CO2 of 126g/km in SE guise with the eight-speed automatic gearbox as tested here.

Economy of 58.9mpg is also impressive given the car's size, but its selling point is the performance, as it produces 221hp next to the 520d's 184hp, rendering it good for 0-62mph in seven seconds.

The usual 5-series qualities such as good handling, refinement and excellent build quality are still present, while the engine is noticeably more potent than that of a 520d, but not as raucous as a 530d. In short, it simply offers a good, middle-of-the-road choice, but fleets will pay for the privilege, as the 525d starts at £4990 more than the cheapest 520d, which is a lot to pay for a bit of extra power.

BMW 525d SE
VerdictQuick and clean but a lot
more expensive than the 520d


Quick and clean but a lot more expensive than the 520d