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Our Fleet Test Drive: Audi A6 Avant - 4th Report

Date: 18 January 2012   |   Author:


BusinessCar's Audi A6 Avant isn't exactly the most basic of spec.

To get one of the first new Avants in the country, we had a car from Audi's demo fleet, which means one that's rather over-kitted - to the tune of, erm, more than £11,000 worth of options.

But many are rather welcome. For instance, I'm fond of some of the stations only found in the digital world, so the £410 DAB radio, controlled through the excellent 6.5-inch retractable screen, gets plenty of exercise. When I'm not listening to Absolute Radio 90s, I'll generally have podcasts or a shuffling iPod on, so the £260 it takes to have it connected through the audio system is money well spent too. Also welcome are the £390 heated seats, while the kid in me loves the powered tailgate that opens at the touch of a button. It's not cheap at £545, but is useful when juggling my child and shopping.

Audi A6 Avant 3.0 TDI 204 SE Multitronic
Mileage 6054
Claimed combined consumption54.3mpg
Our average consumption 39.4mpg
Forecast CPM79.2p
Actual CPM 81.5p