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Our Fleet Test Drive: BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics - 6th Report

Date: 14 November 2012   |   Author:


We've now driven more than 6000 miles in our 320d ED, and apart from continuing to be impressed with the consumption, there are other positive characteristics that are starting to show themselves.

The economy is hugely impressive - I can bore anyone with how we're averaging not far off 60mpg - and there's probably more to come when we start making a proper effort at driving to maximum efficiency, but a hidden benefit is a perceptible reduction in time spent at petrol stations. So far, the average distance between fill-ups is 632 miles, with a high of 740 miles - which is pleasing in terms of wasted time standing at the pump.

Other plusses are the eight preset buttons that also allow you to programme other elements including navigation scale or destinations as well as the radio, and the improved ride and refinement over the old car, helping make motorway journeys relaxing, but without damaging the car's peerless handling.

It's fair to say my admiration for the 320d ED is still growing.

BMW 320d saloon ED
Our average consumption57.6mpg
Forecast CPM56.7p
Actual CPM57.3p