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Our Fleet Test Drive: Honda Civic - 5th Report

Date: 26 June 2012   |   Author: Hugh Hunston


Honda claims the Civic's wind-cheating shape contributes to greater fuel efficiency, but the firm's engineers thankfully relented on the provision of a rear wiper for this ninth-generation model.

They argued with the previous car that superior aerodynamics wafted any rain off the back window, but in traffic and on slower urban journeys that logic was flawed. Now aided by the wiper you can now see behind in wet conditions, even if the rear spoiler still interrupts the view.

Something that definitely contributes to fuel efficiency is the 'eco' green button, and switching it off generated significantly lower consumption and doubtless ramped up CO2 emissions.

Evidence? A 266-mile spell without the little green leaf glowing in the instrument cluster resulted in 47.5mpg, which meant the average slipped from 60.7mpg to 58.3mpg.

Admittedly the Civic, without its restricted engine intake's airflow and valve travel, was more brisk up through the gears, while not having the air conditioning 'moderated' did not make me feel significantly more chilled. However, unless there is a degree of urgency, the button will remain depressed.

Honda Civic 2.2 i-DTEC ES 5-door
Claimed combined
Our average
Forecast CPM 45.8p
Actual CPM48.7p
Pragmatic rear wiper
improves view
Price to pay for not
pressing green button