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Our Fleet Test Drive: Lexus CT200h - 5th Report

Date: 24 July 2012   |   Author: Tony Rock


The CT200h features Lexus's Remote Touch system that enables the driver to fully operate functions - such as the satnav, audio and climate control - from one central controller.

It works by the driver resting their left hand on a raised control console, in the centre of which is a joystick that moves a pointer around the screen. Pressing either of the two 'enter' buttons positioned on the side of the console enables the driver to select on-screen options. It's a bit like using a computer mouse.

As a way of organising the car's in-car features, it's admirable, but there are issues around usability. Firstly, the joystick feels a bit flimsy, while the pointer's movement across the screen is jittery. The position of the 'enter' buttons is also odd, especially if you're used to a mouse with the equivalent buttons on top. A bigger concern, though, is having to take your eye from the road for too long to check the curser, which is unavoidable despite the use of haptic feedback technology that allows the user to feel when an icon is highlighted.

Lexus CT200h SE-L
Mileage 4481
Claimed combined consumption68.9mpg
Our average consumption 46.7mpg
Forecast CPM50.3p
Actual CPM 52.3p