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10 things we learned about the Ford Mustang

Date: 23 September 2016   |   Author: Alisdair Suttie

Category: Sporting
Key rival: Mercedes C300 Coupe
Model tested: 5.0 GT Auto Convertible
Price as tested: £41,580

The original pony car has landed in the UK with right-hand drive. Is it any good, asks Al Suttie?


1 - A 5.0-litre V8 drop-top with waft-o-matic auto 'box arrived just as the sun came out to play. The perfect combo, you'd think.

2 - Well, yes and no. If all you ever want do is cruise around, the Mustang is nigh-on ideal thanks to lazy power and that drop-top.

3 - A shame you have to unhook a lever before folding the roof, which seems quaint next to Euro rivals' fully automated roofs.



4 - Loads of space for the driver and front passenger work well and the ambience is all very 60's muscle car.

5 - Some of the plastics have come from the 1960s too and let down the Mustang.

6 - Now, that engine. With 421hp, this is no slouch and sees off 0-62mph in around 5.0 seconds and hits 155mph.

7 - Love the engine, but the body control of the Convertible leaves a lot to be desired, namely the Coupe's stiffer shell.


8 - The soft-top Mustang hangs on gamely through corners, but it seems to tolerate this more than enjoy.

9 - Best to ease off and enjoy the ride, and driving like this will help preserve some semblance of sensible fuel economy.

10 - Tempting as the Convertible seems on paper, the Mustang Coupe is the one to have.