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10 things we learned about the Honda NSX

Date: 25 November 2016   |   Author: Alisdair Suttie

Category: Sports
Key rival: McLaren 570S
Model tested: NSX
Price as tested: £166,150

The original was developed by Ayrton Senna, so does the new hybrid NSX offer the same magic asks Al Suttie?


1 - Reinterpreting a legend is never easy, which is why it's taken Honda 27 years to launch the second generation model.

2 - Worth the wait? Hell, yes. This is a car that cracks 0-62mph in a claimed sub-3 second time and hits 191mph thanks to its 3.5 V6 engine and 581hp.

3 - Not the fastest outright by current supercar standards, but the way the NSX accelerates sets it apart.


4 - Hybrid power means an electric motor fills in the gaps between its nine-ratio gearbox's changes, so forward momentum is relentless.

5 - It makes overtaking as quick as you can think about it, and it's safe thanks to front wheel electric motors to give all-wheel drive.

6 - There's also fly-by-wire throttle, steering and brakes, yet the Honda manages to feel very direct.

7 - All of this technology also means you get a car capable of 28.2mpg and 228g/km. Compare that to most rivals and the Honda wins.

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8 - Like its illustrious predecessor, the NSX is also easy to use in everyday driving as it's not too wide or blinkered from the driver's seat.

9 - The cabin isn't as immediately special as some supercars', but its simplicity works into your affections the more time you spend in here.

10 - The only pity is Honda reckons most NSXs will be owned by collectors. This is car that deserves a three-year, 60,000-mile deal.