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10 things we learned about the Jaguar XE this week

Date: 12 April 2016   |   Author: Alisdair Suttie

Category: Premium Upper Medium
Key rival: BMW 3 Series
Model tested: XE 2.0D R-Sport auto
Price as tested: £40,685

The Jaguar XE makes perfect sense on a spreadsheet, but how does the R-Sport version fare on the road ponders Al Suttie.

1 - 180hp and 0-62mph in 7.8 seconds are decent figures for the Jag, but not a match for a BMW 320d.

2 - The Jag 2.0D 180 R-Sport is one emissions band lower than the BMW 320d M Sport, but I'd pay the small premium for the BMW's performance.

3 - It's not that Jag's XE is a slouch, but it just doesn't feel that lively, even with the sportier R-Sport mode engaged.

4 - Switch to the R-Sport setting and you can say goodbye to any ride comfort at lower speeds, but it does offer better high speed control.

5 - A shame the XE's steering doesn't join in the fun. Regardless of drive mode or speed, it feels inert.

6 - The XE is very able at devouring motorway miles, but the 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine makes itself heard too often at town speeds.

7 - The eight-speed auto 'box is as slick and smoochy smooth as it is in every other Jag where it's employed.

8 - An origami artist would be proud of the folds and angles of the XE's boot. Not so good when you're trying to fit in luggage.

9 - I'm not a great fan of the XE's styling and it bugs me even more when it restricts rear passenger head and foot apace space.

10 - The on-board display between the two main dials looks dated, especially next to the swanky, adjustable screen of an Audi A4.