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10 things we learned about the Land Rover Defender

Date: 29 March 2016   |   Author: Alisdair Suttie

Category: 4x4
Key rival: Toyota Land Cruiser
Model tested: Defender 110 Heritage
Price as tested: £34,200

It's the end of the line for the venerable Defender, but is it a fond farewell from Al Suttie?

1 - Judging from the reaction of other drivers, the Defender is a much-loved machine. I'm not one of that group.

2 - Off-road, the Defender is hugely capable, but so is a Discovery that also drives on the road with aplomb. The Defender does not.

3 - This last hurrah Heritage limited edition has some neat touches, such as the 'HUE 166' detailing to hark back to the original Land Rover.

4 - The last of Land Rover's Defenders plays on its heritage, but it's also as out of step with the modern world as an original.

5 - A turning circle that is more of a suggestion is joined by suspension that ba-doings over bumps and poor refinement. I said POOR REFINEMENT.

6 - Then there's the gearchange that some would call macho, but I would call heavy and cumbersome.

7 - As for the engine, it pulls strongly from low revs, but it's noisy and there's way too much play in the transmission.

8 - There are also the usual Defender gripes about the handbrake and door handle digging into your legs and the dreadful driving position.

9 - Any positives? Well, this 110 model has seven seats and the high up driving position lets you be very nosey.

10 - Anything else? Umm, Land Rover should have retired the Defender a long time ago as this feels like making your arthritic Granny dance for her supper.