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10 things we learned about the Toyota Prius

Date: 07 October 2016   |   Author: Alisdair Suttie

Category: Upper medium
Key rival: Ford Mondeo Hybrid
Model tested: Excel
Price as tested: £28,100

It's all quiet on the driving front this week as Al Suttie tries the Toyota Prius.


1 - Some say the Prius isn't fun to drive, but sneaking up on pedestrians in EV mode is worth it for the look on people's faces.

2 - There's also some light relief when you press the starter button and a little cartoon Prius drives across the dash display.

3 - The styling of this Toyota also makes me smile, though I suspect others were grimacing. Still, each to their own.


4 - That's your lot for fun, though, as the Prius is not the most engaging car to drive, even when you the full combined EV and petrol power.

5 - 0-62mph in 10.6 seconds is reasonable, but, jeez, do you have to work the motors hard to achieve this.

6 - Much of this sensation is down to the CVT (continuously variable transmission) that causes the petrol motor to drone.

7 - The CVT 'box is smooth and the rest of the Prius' controls are light, so it's effortless to drive in town or on the motorway.


8 - A shame there's a fair amount of road noise as otherwise the Prius would be a good long distance machine with its 85.6mpg combined mpg.

9 - Look beyond the mediocre driving manners and the Prius is exceptionally well put together, frugal and well equipped in Excel trim.

10 - With satnav, wifi and wireless phone charging, it's a techy's dream, but not if you're sat in the rear with limited headroom.