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10 things we learned about the BMW 740Ld

Date: 31 January 2017   |   Author: Alisdair Suttie

Category: Luxury
Key rival: Mercedes S-Class
Model tested: 740Ld
Price as tested: £97,270

After a week of luxury driving, is the BMW 740Ld the chairman of the board, ask Al Suttie?

1 - For presence, nothing betters the BMW 7 Series in the luxury category. Big, bold and brawny, especially in M Sport trim.

2 - This car also came with xDrive all-wheel drive, so it has the moves to match the mannered styling.

3 - Inside is where it counts with this car and every occupant is afforded superb space and leather-lined comfort.

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4 - Stretching out in the back of the long wheelbase 7 Series is a pleasure, helped by £12,000 worth of infotainment extras in this car.

5 - The driver isn't shirt-changed either thanks to the slick eight-speed auto and 320hp twin-turbo six-cylinder turbodiesel.

6 - From rest to 62mph in 5.3 seconds is impressive for such a big car, but the hush inside the cabin is even more appreciated.

P90239082_low Res _bmw -740le -xdrive -m -s

7 - It's not all perfect though and there are distracting reflections from the cabin's ambient lighting in the front side windows.

8 - We also found the gear lever occasionally needed a second nudge to select the desired forward or reverse motion.

9 - Over some surfaces, those low profile tyres and big wheels can let some sharp ridges interrupt the interior harmony.

10 - So, better than an S Class? No, but satisfyingly different and very much a BMW in the way it handles so well for a luxury car.