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Our Fleet Test Drive: Citroen DS5 - 5th Report

Date: 27 March 2013   |   Author: Tristan Young

Why we're running it: To find out if diesel-electric hybrids work for fleet users in the real world

I've recently had a breakthrough that could help my somewhat disappointing fuel figures.

Having tried 'regular' eco-driving and had a course from AA DriveTech on hybrid eco-driver training, I'm back to experimenting with different techniques to improve the fuel figures beyond the 45mpg average.

I've found that if I know I'm taking a short trip immediately after a longer journey I can 'force' the battery to charge up using a combination of 4x4 and Sport modes while the diesel is warm and relatively efficient so that the cold-start local trip is almost all electric. 

However, my latest discovery is that unlike normal throttles, which effectively go from zero to maximum power delivery, the Citroen's accelerator pedal can also be used to increase or decrease the amount of regenerative braking. This means you don't have to have full battery regeneration, which, although useful, slows the car quite significantly. If, for instance, you want to maintain a set speed downhill, you can apply a very gentle pressure to the accelerator, which keeps some regen but doesn't scrub speed (which would then require acceleration to get back to the required speed). We'll see how it goes.

Citroen DS5 Hybrid4 Dsport
Mileage 4251
Claimed combined consumption 74.3mpg
Our average consumption 45.5mpg
P11D price £32,145
Model price range £22,400-£32,145
CO2 (tax) 107g/km (12%)
BIK 20/40% per month £64/£128
Service interval 20,000mls
Insurance group 28
Warranty 3yrs/60,000mls
Boot space (min/max) 325/1145 litres
Engine size/power 1997cc+EV/200hp
Top speed/0-62mph 131mph/8.3secs
Why we're running it To find out if diesel-electric hybrids work for fleet users in the real world


  • Looks stunning, very well equipped
  • No AM radio