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Our Fleet Test Drive: Ford Mondeo - 4th report

Date: 22 May 2015   |   Author:

Big and comfortable

Car interiors have gone through a couple of phases, with a rapid rise in the number of buttons and controls required by burgeoning in-car technology making way for touchscreen systems designed to eliminate said buttons from the cabin.

There have been varying degrees of success. In many cases, things have gone too far the other way, removing all trace of switch-based controls, as is the case with Peugeot's 308

At least with the Ford system the climate control is still operational via old-fashioned buttons, so you don't have to come out of the navigation or audio screens to change the temperature. A nice touch is an obvious 'Do Not Disturb' button for the Bluetooth, to help employees where fleet policies dictate that calls should not be taken while driving.

So it's fair to say that Ford has done a better job than many, although some of the usability still needs a bit of work. The way to hunt down specific digital radio stations is still a little clumsy, and a row of radio preset buttons below the screen would save compulsive channel-hoppers like me from having to come out of the navigation screen to change station.

It will also be interesting to see if I finally crack and start using voice activation, though to be honest I can't see it happening. Ford has made a big play of its Sync voice operated system, now in its second Sync2 iteration, but I'm too lazy to learn the commands, and for the most part it's not exactly labour-intensive to use the touch screen anyway. But I've resolved to at least give it a go, which will  probably result in me being sat in the car loudly talking to it like a stereotypical Brit abroad.


Mileage                                                                  4339
P11D price                                                        £22,490
Forecast/actual cost per mile                      48.6p/54.2
Our average consumption                                44.9mpg
Official combined consumption                           68.9pg


  • Touch screen is intelligently designed
  • Voice activation is superfluous