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Our Fleet Test Drive: Honda Civic - 9th report

Date: 23 October 2014   |   Author: Guy Bird

Despite a changeover in ownership that means more town-based driving, the Honda Civic Tourer is still returning healthy eco

Hitting 50 is often perceived negatively in life - especially in relation to age or mph in a 40 zone - but in real-world fuel economy terms being part of the '50-plus club' feels altogether positive.

Having recently taken over the running of the Honda Civic Tourer from production editor Tony Rock - who's driving habits are solidly long-distance and 'extra-urban' - I fully expected my first fill-up and its associated fuel economy figure from driving in a more city-based environment, to drop like a stone.

For the first few fills Tony had done the sums on, early- to mid-50s mpg was standard, so when I recorded 57.5mpg - albeit with a decent chunk of motorway and dual-carriageway miles in the mix - I checked the figure at least twice more and started working out the fuel figures in between. Out of the nine fills so far, bar one 49.5mpg and another 45.3mpg, every figure has been decently over 50mpg.

That's not a bad average on an official combined figure of 72.4mpg. I've got a feeling that my 50-plus mpg membership is going to be severely tested as my outward-bound trips lessen and short city trips increase, but it's a nice start nonetheless.