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Our Fleet Test Drive: Hyundai i30 5dr - 2nd report

Date: 13 February 2013   |   Author: Guy Bird

It might sound funny to say about any carmaker, but I think it's fair to comment that steering didn't use to be high up Hyundai's agenda. So the fact that its new i30 has a system called Flex Steer, with three steering modes adjustable according to driving need and style, is exciting news for me.

Once I found out, I sought the appropriate button with an intensity unseen since that knight seeking out the lager of Lamot back in the classic 1980s advert (see YouTube, youngsters). Just as well I did, as located below cruise control and just above the 'Trip' button on the lower right hand section of the steering wheel with an icon that looks like a steering wheel with radar firing out of its rim, it's not particularly obvious (or convenient). Still, when I did find it and began pressing away,

I gained confirmation from the LCD display that the car was in Comfort mode. However, wanting to feel like the steering wheel was actually connected to the car I was driving,

I pressed on past Normal to Sport. Although the Trades Descriptions Act might want to have a word about that latter definition, it's still my favourite by far and that's where it's staying.

Hyundai i30 Active 1.6 CRDi
Mileage 9275
Our average consumption 48.1mpg
Forecast CPM 41.4p
Actual CPM 44.5p