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Our Fleet Test Drive: Hyundai i30 5dr - 6th Report

Date: 31 May 2013   |   Author: Guy Bird

Wonky gear knob.
P11D: £17,940

No one likes a wonky knob but I'm afraid our i30 has one.

Countless times I've been confronted by it sitting jauntily at 11 o'clock rather than 12-noon. At first I adjusted it and moved on, but it happens so regularly now it's getting irritating.

Once I tried twisting it forward by 380? to see if it was unwinding itself, but quickly stopped at 4 o'clock when it seemed it might break it off altogether, and wound it back - a wonky knob is better than a broken one after all. It's a sign of how good cars have become that something this small stands out, but I'd still rather have a straight knob, wouldn't you?