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Our Fleet Test Drive: Jaguar XF - 9th report

Date: 07 January 2015   |   Author: Tony Rock

A few minor problems with negotiating parking spaces have led us to suspect that from nose to tail our long-term Jaguar XF may be longer than the average motor.

The drivers in our house have been thinking that the Jaguar XF is one of the longer cars we've had for a few reasons.

Firstly, it always seems to really 'fill' parking spaces (see picture). Secondly, my partner in particular finds it difficult to manoeuvre in tight situations, and while the, at what first seemed, overly sensitive parking sensors and rear-view camera were more than enough to prevent any low-speed impact damage, she's become so worried at the prospect of denting an executive car that she has started avoiding putting the XF in situations - compact multi-storey car parks or narrow, busy side streets - where the chances of having a prang are potentially higher.

Once I'd sensibly resisted any 1970s-style sexist 'banter' about women and parking, I thought I'd compare the Jag with its rivals to see if at 4966mm it was indeed lengthier. And it turns out that it is.

The Audi A6 Avant is roughly 2cm shorter at 4943mm, while the BMW 5-series Touring (4907mm) and Mercedes E-class estate (4905mm) are around 6cm shorter. Admittedly, 2-6cm is not much in the grand scheme of all things fleet, but at least it might explain why I've had to carry out the occasional four-point turn in awkward spots.

XF Sportbr. 2.2d 163 R-Sport OUR CPM 80.9p
Mileage 4194
P11D price £36,440
Our average consumption 38.5mpg
Official combined consumption 57.7mpg
Forecast CPM 78.1p


  • Classy and practical with a great interior
  • Efficiency and space can't match the best