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Our Fleet Test Drive: Kia Ceed SW - 7th Report

Date: 29 January 2014   |   Author: Hugh Hunston

The Proceed's (left) 15mph point after which stop/start will re-engage will apply to future Kia Ceeds
Mileage: 3396
P11D price: £21,040
Our average consumption: 51.5mpg
Official combined consumption: 64.2mpg
Forecast CPM: 45.8p

Having criticised the Ceed SW's stop/start system for not functioning again until after the car reaches 25mph, we've discovered after a session in its newer Proceed stablemate that the system on the three-door, with the same running gear, operates from 15mph.

The urban commuting-friendly software update will be applied to upcoming SWs and restore the credibility of its green leaf Eco Dynamics tail badge.

While our more practical diesel estate car has a markedly higher fleet sales element than the three-door, the lighter, more aerodynamic sibling boasts superior combined fuel figures and CO2 ratings at 65.7mpg and 112g/km respectively.

During the sultry summer weather our Ceed's highly effective aircon and useful chilled glove box have been a boon, but there was a downside at the diesel pumps.

With driving habits and routes not altering over the monitored 468 miles, consumption has hovered stubbornly just above 50mpg, which coincided with heightened aircon use.

This brought the average down to 51.5mpg from 54.1mpg, still sufficient for the 11.6-gallon tank to take us from Oxfordshire to Brora in the Scottish Highlands.


  • Effective aircon and cooled glove box.
  • .has dented fuel consumption