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Our Fleet Test Drive: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV - 8th report

Date: 07 January 2015   |   Author: Tristan Young

It turns out there's an aerodynamic tray underneath the engine of the Outlander.

I know this because, last week, I could hear a slight (and previously unheard) flapping at 60-70mph. A quick and friendly trip to Chertsey Mitsubishi at almost no notice and the aforementioned aerodynamic tray was found to have half fallen off. The reason it had become detached was that something (probably a rock) had snagged a vent in the tray (see inset picture, below). And because the tray is made of plastic-coated cardboard it ripped away from its bolts.

Unfortunately, this isn't covered by the car's warranty. I haven't been off-roading in the 4x4 Outlander, but I do make regular trips to some stables down a bumpy, unmade, road (which is the only possible culprit). And until now, I thought the Outlander ideally suited to this kind of thing.

A new tray would cost £126.34 (fitted), but because the dealer said the car would be fine without it, I've elected not to fit another until it's de-fleeted because the odds of the same fate affecting a new tray are too high. I'll report back to let you know if the fuel consumption worsens due to its absence.