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Our Fleet Test Drive: Peugeot 208 - 3rd Report

Date: 31 May 2013   |   Author: Hugh Hunston

The feeling from the driver's seat is that there is less, and not more, room for the driver to operate in.
Mileage: 1120
Our average consumption: 53.0mpg
Forecast CPM: 38.9p
Actual CPM: 40.5p

Peugeot may provide figures to prove the 208 boasts more interior space despite being smaller in size than its 207 predecessor, but from the driver's seat it feels narrower.

This impression is compounded by the intrusive hard, black, curved door handle above the stowage compartment rubbing constantly against most drivers' right knee joints. On longer journeys this becomes tiresome, threatening cabin fever.

Continuing the driving environment theme, the intuitive multi-function touch-screen has one foible: you can only mute the sound system and not switch it off. When the 208 restarts, words or music resume whether you want them or not.

Our 208 has had to return to its Coventry base again, this time for a precautionary recall to check if the mounting bolts for the air conditioner compressor were tightened correctly at the French Mulhouse factory. All appears to be shipshape.


  • Intuitive infotainment screen
  • Hemmed-in driving area