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Our Fleet Test Drive: Renault Captur - 7th report

Date: 21 October 2014   |   Author:

We're using Renault's R-Link trip computer to improve our economy

Telematics is an important part of risk management for fleets, feeding back information on drivers that then goes on to inform all sorts of areas such as driver training, cost control and licence checks.

What's interesting on our long-term Captur is that you can look at how efficiently you're driving using the built-in R-Link Eco2 trip computer. The display will show you what your anticipation is like, gear changes and how harshly you accelerate.

Much like some third-party telematics software, the trip computer also gives an overall driver rating out of 100. Mine is currently at 71 (see inset picture), so there's room for improvement.

It's a great way of seeing what kind of driver you are and then using that information yourself to try and improve how smoothly and efficiently you drive.

While my anticipation and gear changes are pretty good (helped by the handy gear change indicator prompting me to switch up and down on each journey), how smoothly I accelerate is clearly the sticking point, particularly if I want to reach anywhere close to the saintly figure of 100.

This information will, hopefully, positively influence my style of driving, improving my average mpg, which we have calculated as 52.3mpg, some way off the official 76.4mpg figure.