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Our Fleet Test Drive: Renault Kadjar - 13th report

Date: 11 October 2016   |   Author: David Motton

Good looks
Practical boot
Panoramic sunroof

I hate going to the tip. I hate being asked "Private or trade?", even when I've arrived in a family car. (As if a builder trying to avoid any charges would crack under that kind of grilling.)

I hate the sign claiming that my local recycling centre has been accident-free for 625 days, even though the number hasn't been updated for at least three years. But most of all, I absolutely can't stand it if there's not enough room for all the rubbish in the car.

Fortunately, one of the Kadjar's plus points compared with most crossovers is the generous luggage capacity. Its 472-litre capacity is 42 litres larger than the Nissan Qashqai's, for example. The Renault's ability to cope with big loads was underlined the other day when I took some old furniture to be recycled.

I measured the chest of drawers, and I measured the car with the back seats folded. There was enough room with a few centimetres to spare. The boot floor is fairly high off the ground, so lifting the chest was back-straining work, but otherwise the Kadjar proved an able load-carrier.

Dropping the drawers on my foot hurt like hell, but I can't blame the car for my own clumsiness.

Renault Kadjar dCi 110 Signature Nav

Mileage 3972
P11D price £24,140
Forecast/actual cost per mile 47.9/49.9p
Our average consumption 52.3mpg
Official combined consumption 72.4mpg


  • Infotainment system a generation behind the new Megane's