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Our Fleet Test Drive: Renault Kadjar - 16th report

Date: 22 November 2016   |   Author: David Motton

Good looks
Practical boot
Panoramic sunroof

With the Kadjar's odometer heading towards 5,000 miles, we're well past the initial 'getting-to-know-you' phase of our relationship. I'm familiar with the Renault's good and bad points, and fortunately the good outweigh the bad.

I've become used to the Kadjar, and driving it after running a short-term test car for a week feels like pulling on a comfortably worn-in pair of shoes.

I've just got back from a 200-mile round-trip from Surrey to Northampton for a new car launch. It wasn't a particularly long drive, but any M25/M1 double-header is not a journey I look forward to. But this is just the kind of mundane trip that the Kadjar makes more palatable.

The 1.5-litre diesel may not be especially powerful, but it's very quiet once cruising along the motorway, and any noise that does enter the cabin is easily masked by the excellent Bose stereo. It's standard on our Signature Nav spec car.

Although the satnav isn't without its faults (for one thing, the screen is quite low down), I tend to enter my destination even on familiar journeys so I know if there are any delays on route.

Of course, just about any satnav warns of traffic problems these days but it's a handy feature even if it's now commonplace.

Unsurprisingly there were delays on the M25 and the M1, but the Renault's sound driving position
and comfortable seat meant I arrived in Northamptonshire ache-free. The ride can be a bit firm at low speeds, but it's very comfortable on the motorway.

Renault Kadjar dCi 110 Signature Nav

Mileage 4,715
P11D price £24,790
Forecast/actual cost per mile 50.1p/51.0p
Our average consumption 52.3mpg
Official combined consumption 72.4mp


  • Infotainment system a generation behind the new Megane's