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Our Fleet Test Drive: Seat Leon ST - 9th report

Date: 30 October 2014   |   Author:

My quest to break 60mpg in the Seat Leon ST has led to a change in driving style, and I'm noticing how little impact it's having on my journey time.

Lifting earlier for traffic lights is either still resulting in me getting through before they change, or I'm getting particularly geeky about mentally noting what cars I was behind that made it through the lights before they changed, and seeing if I've ended up back behind them further up the road once I've been released from red-lightedness.

And all because of the little readout on the dashboard that I keep flicking between economy of the journey, tank of fuel and long-term result, the latter hovering tantalising close to the magic 60mpg.

I've taken to keeping speeds down, to a certain extent, and shifting gear earlier than I would have done, and the gearshift indictor does encourage earlier upshifts than my ears think are appropriate. But the car seems happy to take the higher gear, so who am I to question the technology?

But this fresh, green attitude will get me into domestic trouble at some point because I haven't yet found a polite way to explain to my wife that I'd like her to also modify her driving style to help my eco quest. A recent trip had me biting my tongue because a couple of accelerations from roundabouts that were quicker than I'd have gone gave the average economy a bit of a hit.

Mileage 5823
P11D price £20,865
Our average consumption 57.5mpg
Official combined consumption 85.6mpg
Forecast CPM 43.9p