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Our Fleet Test Drive: Suzuki S-Cross: 8th report

Date: 11 June 2015   |   Author: Tony Rock

A couple of months back in a report about being battered by cross winds, I concluded by suggesting that the Suzuki S-cross's overall lack of weight compared with rivals would actually be advantageous when it comes to fuel economy figures, and on that front, it's doing very well, with its relative lightness probably playing a significant role.

Officially, the Suzuki is capable of 64.2mpg on the combined cycle, comparing favourably with a Nissan Qashqai of similar ilk, which returns 57.6mpg. In reality, our S-cross has been averaging 51.7mpg in its time with us so far, or around 80.5% of the official figure, which, in the history of BusinessCar long-termers
is a good result.

To try and the squeeze even more miles per gallon out of the car, I've inflated the tyres to 'eco' level  which means sacrificing a little comfort. However, since I've done so, my economy from fill to fill doesn't seem to have changed, with a high of 54.6mpg and a low of 47.8mpg comparing with 56.7mpg and 47.0mpg beforehand.

But it's early days, and maybe my recent economy numbers would have been lower if I'd kept the tyres at 'comfort'. It might also be the case, though, that other factors such as the types of journeys I do and how I do them have a greater impact on miles per gallon than the amount of air in four tyres.

Finally, the Suzuki S-cross is a car that doesn't have the gender bias of previous long-termers I've had: in short, I've at last been able to match my wife's lightness of touch when it comes to the accelerator pedal - or maybe I'm driving a little more sensitively