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Our Fleet Test Drive: Vauxhall Insignia - 4th report

Date: 19 August 2014   |   Author: Tony Rock

BusinessCar's editor took the Vauxhall Insignia for a spin and offered up a set of opinions its regular driver hadn't necessarily examined...

It's interesting when someone else takes your long-termer because they always provide a set of views that make you nod your head in agreement, tilt your head in contemplation at something you hadn't previously considered, or scratch your head in bewilderment.

Editor Paul Barker took the car for a short while in its early days and immediately brought to my attention the back end of our facelifted car, which he praised for being a big improvement on what went before. However, he found the driver's seat uncomfortable, due to "a ridge" on the seat that pushed in on his lower back, something I wouldn't notice as I always drive with an additional back support.

From the off we both agreed that space inside is good, although Paul made me aware of what he perceives as a lack of all-round cabin storage. This extends to beneath the armrest, which given its size he thinks could be larger, and might explain why my iPod lead has been getting trapped in the catch.

Where I'm left scratching my head a little is with his thoughts on the controls, which he says are "nice to touch" but "not perfect", describing an occasion when he had "to hit the cruise cancel button more than once before it disengaged". I have to say, having lived with the car for a while, it's not a problem I've encountered.