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Our Fleet Test Drive: Vauxhall Insignia - 6th report

Date: 09 September 2014   |   Author: Tony Rock

BusinessCar's Insignia tester wasn't looking forward to using touchpad tech to control the car's multimedia functions, having had a prior negative experience

The problem when you've had a one bad experience is you can't escape the feeling of dread the next time you come face to face with the same situation.

So having come across haptic (of or relating to the sense of touch) feedback technology before in a long-term Lexus 200h, I groaned when I discovered that Vauxhall had included it in the Insignia.

The method of operation is different, with Vauxhall using a touchpad rather than a controller, although both are positioned to the left of the driver. While selecting the required on-screen option is just a case of pressing the touchpad, the problem I have is in directing the arrow that appears on the car's main multimedia screen; instead of the arrow gliding smoothly across the screen in response to your finger like a PC's mousepad, it 'jumps' from icon to icon, with the feedback tech indicating to the driver through his fingers when the next icon has been reached.

I understand the rationale, but it's still a curious sensation, and a solution that for me doesn't fully address my next concern, which (and this is, word for word, what I wrote previously about the CT200h) "is having to take your eye from the road for too long to check the cursor [position], which is unavoidable despite the use of haptic feedback technology

ileage 6735
P11D price £21,789
Our average consumption 47.0mpg
Official combined consumption 76.3mpg
Forecast CPM 48.1p


  • Steering wheel-mounted control buttons
  • Haptic technology touchpad