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Our Fleet Test Drive: Volkswagen Golf GTE - 10th report

Date: 03 August 2016   |   Author: Tony Rock

Being new to this electric car game, I've been trying really hard to keep the Golf's electric battery topped up, having taken custody of our long-term GTE.

For commutes to and from work, it's been relatively easy, due to the office having a charge point and me having a driveway and access to a domestic three-pin plug.

My journey, however, is long - 80 miles each way - which means only about a quarter of the trip is on electric before the car switches over to petrol. You can use the battery hold function, which does it's best to retain the range (if you don't push the petrol engine too hard) until you get to more electric-friendly roads, however it doesn't change the fact that my commute (which is mostly on the motorway) isn't ideal for extracting the best mpg figures from the Golf.

The car does seem to fit my family life much better, though. Where we live, we're about 10 or so miles from two major towns, so can visit the shops or do a cinema trip and get home again largely on electric power, sometimes switching over to fuel for the last couple of miles.

My one complaint is that if you do want to maximise electric usage it takes around three hours before you're fully charged in order to make a similar-length trip again, if you don't yet have a charge point installed at home, which can sometimes be impractical. But, I guess, needing that flexibility, is why the Golf has a fuel tank.

Volkswagen Golf GTE

Mileage 11,279
P11D price £33,700 (excl. £2500
Government Plug-in Car Grant)
Forecast/actual cost per mile 63.0p/70.3p
Our average consumption 41.6mpg
Official combined consumption 166.0mpg


  • Works well for my short domestic journeys
  • Not the solution for my office commute