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Our Fleet Test Drive: Volkswagen Golf GTE - 7th report

Date: 09 May 2016   |   Author: Guy Bird

We generally like the VW Golf GTE's high-tech vibe, but become less keen when it regularly goes bleeping mad if it senses anything even remotely nearby.

In one instance recently, I was minding my own business at the front of a queue of cars waiting at a red light when it kicked off again, with nothing dangerously close to it in any direction.

Then up pops a window with a 'Look! Safe to Move?' message covering my satnav in the centre screen that has to be manually deleted by pressing the 'X' in the window's top corner before I can see the map again. It's noisy and irritating.


  • Electric option
  • Comfy interior
  • Not using electric option enough
  • Real-world mpg