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Our Fleet Test Drive: Volvo V40 - 6th Report

Date: 19 December 2013   |   Author: Jack Carfrae

Collectively, we've managed to eke worthy fuel economy out of our long-term Volvo V40
P11D price: £24,740

Even though it's supposedly my long-term test car, it's rare that I spend any more than a few days on the trot with the Volvo without interspersing it with a run home and back or a business trip with another test vehicle. 

However, I recently stuck with it for a fortnight (a week off after Easter helped to instigate a bit of consistency with the keys) and I paid close attention to the fuel economy.

Between my own usage and when the V40 has been nabbed ad-hoc by other members of the BusinessCar team, we're averaging a commendable 47.4mpg.

It's still a fair distance from the official figure of 78.5mpg, but Volvo certainly isn't a lone offender in that respect. Whatever way you look at it, that kind of economy from a lower medium hatchback driven in a variety of conditions, isn't bad going.

Part of that has to be down to the stop/start system. I raved about it in the first report, praising its consistent performance and the fact that it never fails to cut out when you come to a halt.

Four months in and it hasn't faltered, despite seemingly endless cold weather, which often causes lesser systems to give up the ghost. 


  • Cheap to run, good economy
  • Disappointing boot space